A Shell Extension

Openas.inf for Win95/NT
by Manuel Otto -
Version 1.2 September 5, 1998, freeware

This program's been an orphan for a while, but now Shell City is hosting it. This little gem adds the "Open as......" function to the right-click menu of almost any file on your computer. For example: Your text files are associated with Notepad, but you don't want to open a certain text file with Notepad. Just right-click the file, choose "Open as......", and find the program you want to open the file with


What follows is the original documentation:


1/ Extract Openas.inf to a folder (any folder will do).

2/ Right-click Openas.inf and click "Install".


1/ Extract Uninst.inf to a folder (any folder will do).

2/ Right-click Uninst.inf and click "Install".

3/ No trace is left on your computer.

It adds the "Open as..." function to the right-click menu of allmost any file on your computer. For example: You don't want to open a Notepad-text file with Notepad, but with your favorit text-editor, or want to open an HTML-document with Notepad, to edit it, just right-click the Notepad-file, then choose "Open as..." (The text of the command will appear different in any country), and a dialog-box will appear, from which you can choose any program you desire.

NOTE: Make sure the "Always use this program for this type of file"- option is UNchecked, otherwise the file gets associated with that program the next time you want to open it.

NOTE: If you have MS OFFICE installed, don`t install this file, it will work fine, but some Office-options won`t work anymore.


Use of this software is at your own risk, neither the developer nor Shell City is responsible for any damage it causes.

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A note from Shell City: We began hosting this app with Manual Otto's permission because we could no longer find it elsewhere on the net. We think it's worthwhile and hope you enjoy it.